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Fashion feature: Head over heels

Mandy Wee shares her story on why she became a yoga instructor, while showing her best poses by the lovely poolside at Park Regis Hotel Singapore.

Bright & bubbly

Mandy Wee, 22, Student & yoga instructor

How did you start doing yoga?

I found myself super inflexible as compared to everyone else. I even failed my sit-and-reach for NAPFA so I really wanted to improve my flexibility.

What made you continue to do yoga even with your busy schedule?

Somehow yoga made me genuinely happy. But I did have a period of time when I had an eating disorder and my self-esteem was super-duper low, that ultimately resulted in mild depression and, during which, I was really down and upset all the time.

Practicing yoga really helped me pull through this time. I gained some weight and became a lot healthier.

Also, I can feel like myself during yoga. No one judges during yoga. It’s a super individualistic kind of activity and it really just puts a positive spin on my life, which has been amazing so far.

What attracted you to become a yoga instructor and not other mainstream jobs?

I want to spread the goodness of yoga to other people who are also going through tough times.

I could feel my instructors’ genuine willingness to help me to improve and, during the down period of my life, they really motivated and inspired me, which is something I’m very grateful for.

Do you hope to start a yoga school of your own one day?

Definitely, yes, but only when I am ready, and not just financially but also mentally. I mean, it is a whole lot of commitment.

Why do you think there’s such a yoga craze now?

Most probably because it’s been a trend in recent years and some people want to not feel “left out”.

Or maybe because they really know about the goodness of yoga and they want to improve their mood and become healthier.

A lot of guys are also practicing yoga because it’s quite a challenge and they enjoy it.


Words by Rydell Tan   Photography by Frank Young


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