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Xiaomi Redmi 2 and Oppo N3: What’s their appeal?

China-brand smartphones are quickly catching up with Korean and American ones

Watch out Samsung and Apple, China-based smartphone companies are bulldozing their way through with innovation!

China-brand smartphones are quickly catching up with Korean and American ones
China-brand smartphones are quickly catching up with Korean and American ones

Trendy and hot smartphone brands such as Xiaomi and Oppo have redefined smartphone innovation, with serious upgrades in every edition (unlike you-know-who). These are not poorly made in China products which do not last or lack innovation; in fact they are the total opposite.

Not Your Run-of-the-Mill smartphone

Whoever thought that they could purchase a smartphone with higher than average specifications for a mere $169? Or could have a smartphone with a reversible camera so that perfect high-resolution selfies can be taken?

Well, Xiaomi and Oppo have done just that and so much more.

#125_shop_xiaomi2XIAOMI REDMI 2


Xiaomi’s general appeal is that it can offer consumers affordable smartphones with higher than average specifications. Redmi 2 is one of the most value-for-money smartphones in the market and is 50 per cent faster in processing speed, as compared to its predecessor the Redmi.

This is a significant upgrade when compared with certain elite smartphone makers, who produce smartphone after smartphone with minimal upgrades.

Value for Money

Redmi 2 really works as an all-round budget smartphone as it has specifications that can match mid-range smartphones. These include an 8MP rear camera with flash, a 2MP front camera, a 4.7” HD display, HD recording abilities and a 2200mAh battery.


Not only is the Redmi 2 affordable, its accessories are insanely affordable to boot. To put things into perspective, an external battery charger and battery costs only a little over $20. It would have been perfect if there was more RAM (1GB of RAM is sufficient but more never hurt anyone) and a metallic finish to make it look less plastic.

With budget smartphones like the Redmi 2, a lost or damaged smartphone will no longer cause that much heartache as it can now be easily replaced at a pocket-friendly price of $169! So, whoever said that being cheap will get you nowhere?


#125_shop_oppon3OPPO N3

Selfie Galore

Get ready for the selfie revolution! Why have two subpar cameras when you could have just one rotating and rever-sible awesome one? The world’s only smartphone with a reversible 16MP Schneider Kreuznach camera with flash, to be 2, makes the N3 a perfect selfie camera for all selfie queens and kings in the land [you know who you are].

The super cool reversible camera can be easily controlled at a touch of a button, so there’s no hassle or time-wasting when capturing the moment!

Constant Updates

Oppo prides itself in constantly updating its operating system to provide consumers with the latest functionality. Expect the bugs on your smartphone to disappear and an operating system that only gets better with time, allowing you to personalise your device to every whim or demand.


The N3’s specifications are similar to that of other elite smartphones, which include 2GB RAM, 4G LTE, 5.5” full HD display and 3000mAh battery for hundreds of perfectly-taken selfies to share with followers on Instagram. Because we all know that if it’s not on social media, it didn’t happen!

Fashioned like a hybrid between a Samsung Note 4 because of its large screen size and an HTC One for its design, the N3 is definitely something to keep your eye on. It runs against giants like Samsung and Apple, pushing for innovation.

Currently available at $849, the N3 is in the similar price range as elite smartphones.

By Geralyne Kaye



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