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Celebrate Chinese New Year with The Year Of The Tiger Limited Products

Get your hands on these limited edition Tiger collaborations!

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2. Pandora’s Chinese New Year Collection 2022

Elevate your festive outfits and emanate a new mesmerising aura, or give gifts of blessings to the ones you love with Pandora’s new prosperous collection.

Inspired by the Chinese history and mythical creatures from traditional folklore, this collection symbolise deep meanings of strength, wealth and good fortune. Select your favourite amongst three new delicately handcrafted pieces, as you glisten into a new chapter of the year.

Roar into the year of the Tiger fearlessly with the Chinese Tiger Charm or celebrate new renewals with the Chinese Mythical Phoenix Dangle Charm. Carry an abundance of wealth with Pandora’s 14k gold-plated Chinese Fortune Pixiu Charm. Style up or share the blessings with Pandora’s Chinese New Year jewellery sets. Paired with Pandora’s Chinese New Year Red Woven Leather Bracelet or Pandora Moments O Pendant don a new shine as you welcome a new year.

Available at all Pandora boutiques.

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