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How to Have the Most Convenient Shopping Experiences In Singapore

Cheerful happy thai asian woman enjoying shopping, she is carrying shopping bags and jumping to get the latest offers at the shopping center.

Several characteristics make Singapore one of the top shopping destinations in the world for travellers.

For one, the Lion City is considered one of Asia’s most fashionable cities, on a par with its chic and metropolitan neighbours Hong Kong and Tokyo. You’ll have an equal chance to score excellent fashion finds at one of Singapore’s high-fashion boutiques or at one of its more affordable retailers. For another, whether you’re shopping for clothes, gadgets, leather products, or merchandise, you’re guaranteed to find both variety and value for money. There’s something for every budget—plus numerous alternatives—in any one of Singapore’s various luxury boutiques, shopping malls, street markets, or bazaars.

If you know for a fact that retail therapy will be a highlight of your Singapore trip, it’s a good idea to plan your shopping excursions ahead. You may also want to make a wish list of items that you want to buy, and then determine where you should go to find these goods at the best prices. In that vein, here are some more tips for a fun and hassle-free shopping experience in Singapore—one that will leave you both satisfied and looking forward to your next big shopping spree.

Make a Shopping Itinerary

There’s always the option to be 100% spontaneous about your shopping adventures in Singapore. If doing things on the fly is what you prefer, then, by all means, you can stick to this approach. But if you’d rather be pragmatic about your shopping experience, and you don’t want to waste time wondering where you should go, it may be better to draft a shopping itinerary. You can list down particular establishments that you’d like to visit, as well as which day of your Singapore trip is most conducive for a stop to each location.

For example, if you want to go on a Changi shopping spree, it makes the most sense for you to schedule it during the “bookends” of your trip, i.e. upon your arrival or shortly before your departure, when you can drop by the Jewel Changi commercial complex or other shopping destinations within the airport complex. Shopping trips in locations that are far away from your accommodations are best scheduled somewhere in the middle of your trip, when you’ll have the most time to explore.

Find Out Where You Can Get Singapore Exclusive Items

To make the best of your time when shopping in the country, you may also want to identify which goods you can only get from Singapore stores versus goods that are available elsewhere. It may be tempting to spend money on an item when it’s immediately in front of you, but if you can get a better deal in another country, resist the urge to buy it in Singapore.

Conversely, if you’re looking for an item that’s rare or unavailable outside of Singapore, or if the city has comparatively better prices on that item than any other country, then it’s your sign to buy. Ask friends or relatives with the same interests as you, or do a short search online, in order to find out about benchmark prices for items.

Do Your Research on Where to Get the Best Designer or Outlet Deals

If it’s designer deals or outlet goods you’re after, it’s a good idea to make a list of shopping centres or malls in Singapore that you can visit. Find out which of these establishments will offer you the best range of choices for the items you seek, plus the fairest possible prices.

When in Singapore, head to areas like Marina Bay Sands, Paragon Shopping Centre, and ION Orchard for lap-of-luxury shopping experiences. Locations like Changi City Point in Jewel, the International Merchandising Mart Mall (IMM), and Anchorpoint, on the other hand, are ideal for outlet shopping with a lot of discounts.

Go to Street Markets for Unique and Thrifty Finds

For those on a more modest shopping budget and those who love the thrill of a good bargain, there are few things that will compare to shopping sprees in one of Singapore’s street markets. These are where you can stock up on gifts to take back home, thrift items like second-hand books, and souvenirs that hearken back to the storied heritage of Singapore’s Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, Eurasian, and Peranakan peoples.

Shop on a practical budget at places like Singapore’s Chinatown, Katong Square Lifestyle and Vintage Market, and Bugis Street for items like watches, bags, vintage goods, snacks, and spices. For double the satisfaction while you’re out in these places, schedule a food crawl after your shopping trip!

Go Shopping Late at Night

Lastly, if you want a truly unhampered shopping experience that isn’t weighed down by other activities, take note of where you can go in Singapore in order to shop at night. Nighttime may actually be the best time to go shopping because your time is more flexible—and because Singapore is often at its friendliest and most vibrant at night.

Top nighttime destinations for shopping include Singapore’s Arab Quarter and Little India Arcade. True night owls who still have the energy to shop in the wee hours of the morning can go to Mustafa Centre, which is open 24/7.

Shopping in Singapore will definitely prove to be a treat if you know where exactly to go and how to maximise your time and money. Enjoy your time in one of Southeast Asia’s shopping havens and prepare ahead for retail therapy experiences of a lifetime!