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#WeekenderTries: La Mer Moisturising Soft Lotion

Why this lightweight version of Crème de la Mer will be your skin’s best friend

By Lynn Yang; Photos: Courtesy of La Mer

Let’s face it. Our humid weather is not exactly skincare friendly. You might think that layering on various skincare products will nourish your skin, but the fact is that excessively rich creams may just irritate your skin, especially in the blistering heat.

If you always have been a fan of the brand’s iconic Crème de la Mer facial cream but find it too rich for the Singapore climate, its newly launched Moisturising Soft Lotion ($430), is heaven sent.

The revolutionary super-lotion delivers the same healing and transformative benefits of Crème de la Mer in a weightless yet rich, new texture.

Its advanced formula comes with micro-crafted ‘Soft Lotion Capsules’ that drive the famed Miracle Broth and Lime Tea Concentrate deep into skin to help heal dryness, replenish energy reserves and soften signs of ageing.



After applying my toner, I dispensed two pumps of the Moisturising Soft Lotion on my palm. The unique gel-lotion texture felt smooth to the touch.

Seconds after spreading a thin layer on my forehead, T-zone, cheeks and chin, the product has already been absorbed by my skin. Applying the product was also a pleasant experience thanks to its citrus-tinged scent.

The morning after, my skin felt more hydrated, less irritated and even had a healthy glow.

Before reviewing this product, I suffered a red bump on my right cheek.

Although the Moisturising Soft Lotion wasn’t meant for spot treatment, it managed to help soothe irritation and calm the redness. Additional brownie points for that!

The Moisturising Soft Lotion will be available at all La Mer counters from August 2016.