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10 Uniquely Singaporean Products To Rein In The National Day Festivities

No, you won't find another ang ku kueh or curry puff plushie in the list

In just a little over two weeks, Singapore will be celebrating her 53rd birthday.

And if you're feeling a little salty about not snagging the coveted National Day Parade tickets or perhaps cannot relate to getting in touch with your patriotic side by feasting on local delights (because you've been doing so every day), then why not display your Singapore pride by bagging up some of these locally-inspired lifestyle products!

With the rise of numerous local designers and craftsmen, many common day-to-day items have been reimagined and invented with a Singaporean twist. Lifestyle stores like Megafash and Naiise have also helped bring these artists to prominence. So embrace your patriotic spirit and bring back fond memories of your time in Singapore when you get your hands on some creations that pay homage to our great nation:

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2. Red Republic Protected Area Doormat, $16.90

The fire engine-red warning sign can be found around various army training sites, especially if you are living in the more ulu neighbourhoods of Mandai, Sembawang and Choa Chu Kang, just to name a few. The mavericks at Red Republic have taken the iconic sign and made it into a floormat instead. If you have family members who just entered the military, this may work as a great surprise gift to remind them of their current role as a Singaporean. Alternatively, for those who do not have the fondest of memories while serving, now is your chance to get back at those training days and pamper your feet with a plush doormat.

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