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Taste Test: Is Burger King’s Teh Tarik Pie Nicer Than McDonald’s Choco Pie?

Only one way to find out

It’s official: We’re suffering from fast-food-giants-churning-out-locally-inspired-treats-for-the-sake-of-National-Day fatigue.

In the early part of July, both KFC and McDonald’s rolled out their new culinary offerings that are zhng-ed up in local flavours. From the fried chicken joint, you have the Goldspice Chicken where curry leaves and salted egg seasoning are rubbed on the signature Hot & Spicy fried chicken. Elsewhere, McDonald’s left Singapore divided with its hyped-up D24 Durian Mcflurry, but calmed the storm with its new Ha Cheong Gai menu, where Ha Ha Cheong Gai Chicken Drumlets are something everyone seemed to agree on.

While tardy to the party, Burger King has finally jumped on the bandwagon to dish out some of its locally-inspired fast-food items, just in time for National Day festivities.

The burger joint released Double Rendang Beef burger and the Hainanese Tendergrill Chicken burger. The former delivers a hearty bite of the double flame-grilled beef patties topped with the signature rendang sauce, while the latter comprises flame-grilled chicken thigh patty, generously layered in savoury ginger sauce and garlic chilli for a flavourful kick. Both are at $7.95 with a meal

But that’s not all. Just over the weekend, Burger King quietly launched its Teh Tarik Pie to round off its National Day lineup.

So how does it fare?

Let’s start off by saying that, compared to McDonald’s Choco Pie, Burger’s King Teh Tarik Pie tastes so much better. How’s that for a gauge?

The Indian-Muslim drink-inspired pie holds a molten ‘teh tarik’ custard in a pastry shell that is, while nicely flaky, a little firmer than McDonald’s pie. It gives off a milk tea aroma, and better yet, does taste like milk tea with notes of the familiar ‘teh tarik’ flavour. The custard is also thick and gooey and not cloyingly sweet like the Choco Pie. Enjoying the pie warm is almost akin to slurping down a cup of freshly brewed teh terik.

And at just $1 each, we don’t mind going back for one or two more.

The Teh Tarik Pie is available for a limited period at selected Burger King outlets