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5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Eyre Peninsula, Located A 50-minute Flight Away From Adelaide

Take delight in this underrated peninsula, otherwise known as Australia’s seafood frontier

By Mavis Teo

Despite some of the attractions Eyre Peninsula has – open spaces, beautiful coastlines, fresh seafood and good wine – it has so far remained under the radar of many Asian tourists, including those from Singapore.  Though 434,000 Singaporeans visited Australia last year, only three per cent went to South Australia (according to Tourism Australia’s figures released during the Australian Tourism Exchange in Adelaide this April). Out of this figure, a smaller number ventured to Eyre Peninsula.

For a start, “Eyre” is pronounced as “Aire”, not “error”. There are definitely more than five things you might not know about this gem. Owner of Australian Wildlife Adventures Craig “Hassie” Haslam brought us around and showed us the ways to enjoy Eyre. His repertoire is a lot wider – we’re just scratching the surface with these.

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Photo: Australian Wildlife Adventures

1. Swim with sea lions 

This was our favourite activity while in Eyre Peninsula! Watch and play with the endangered Australian sea lions in their natural habitat at Seal Cove. The licensed operators are very strict about enforcing no-touch rules (though the sea lions may come up to you) and respecting the natural environment of the sea lions, but this means that these cute sea mammals have not learned to fear humans and are as playful as puppies. Watch them perform somersaults and let them come up to you!

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