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10 Amazing Halloween Makeup Tutorials To Try

Our favourite beauty YouTubers are slayin’ these out-of-this-world looks

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Truth is, my makeup skills are average at best. But when Halloween rolls around, I get thrilled by the prospect of transforming into a whole new character with a few careful swabs of beauty star dust — highlighters, body paint, falsies and the likes.

If you’re hoping to draw gasps of admiration at your upcoming Halloween party, be sure to bookmark these 10 YouTube tutorials.

They’ll teach you, step-by-step, how to morph into your favourite pop cultural icons or creepy movie characters.

Take your pick from Harley Quinn, Sugar Skull, Zombie, Taylor Swift and even Ivysaur (Pokemon Go has been trending after all!)

Meanwhile, here’s my amateur attempt at Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn.


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