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5 Awesome Jobs That Pay You To Travel

Talk about work envy – these jobs pay you to explore cool places and test stylish products

So you want to see the world, but you’ve only got money for a one-way ticket and the streetsmarts of a cactus.

Now, if only there were a job that could finance your travels, while maybe even setting you up with some cool gear to go with.

If only…

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Photo: Arctic Snow Hotel / Facebook

1. Northern Lights Spotter

Why pay to chase Aurora Borealis when you can be paid to do so? Last month, the Arctic Snow Hotel in Rovaniemi, Finland, posted a job opening for a Northern Lights spotter. Job requirements? 1. Know what the Northern Lights are, and 2. Speak English. That’s it – you don’t even need to know how to speak Finnish.

The job consists of ringing the “Northern Lights alarm” for guests once the natural phenomenon appears. The hours are considered night shift, as the spotter will start work at 11 pm and end at 6.30am. But you know what they say, love your job and you’ll never work a day (or night) in your life.

As of yesterday, the job has already been filled, but now you know that such vacancies exist in other hotels around Finland and Iceland.

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