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New stylish and versatile Disney designs at Uniqlo

Uniqlo pays homage to the timeless magic of Disney with this cute and stylish new collection that includes a Pizza Mickey

Image photo of the new UNIQLO's Shadow Magic advertising campaign
With Mickey-inspired outfits as cute as these, you’d want to pirouette around too

I don’t know about you but Disney holds a pretty sentimental place in my heart — and it all started with the first time I took foot into Disneyland as a kid. Watching the fireworks illuminate Sleeping Beauty’s castle to the tune of When You Wish Upon a Star was definitely one of the highlights of my childhood.

Paying homage to that same timeless magic and whimsy is Uniqlo’s Magic For All collection, a dedicated line of apparel that adds a touch of Disney enchantment, Star Wars adventure and Disney·Pixar creativity to your everyday style.

 Oh Mickey you’re so fine

A selection of the Mickey 100 miniature statues in a wall display from the pop-up store
Rows of adorable Mickey 100 miniature statues on display

The launch of this collection will see new items featuring Disney characters, including innovative products such as the Plush/Mickey Mouse and the Mickey 100 series of exclusive T-shirts.

We love how wearable, stylish and versatile the Plush/Mickey Mouse items are. With fleece and flannel fabrics in 16 different colours and patterns, you don’t have to worry about looking like an overgrown member of the Mickey Mouse Club.

For those who appreciate a creative twist on nostalgia, the Mickey 100 T-shirts will delight you. In this series, leading Disney creatives designed various original miniature Mickey Mouse statues that will be exhibited in Uniqlo global flagship stores around the world.

Out of 100 exclusive new designs for Mickey Mouse, fifteen of the designs were reproduced on colourful UTs (Uniqlo T-shirts), which include five exclusive designs for children.

Fall/Winter magic

Disney Project Mickey 100 Graphic T-shirt_166222-03_$24.90_
Pizza and Mickey? The best of both worlds!

 The first collection sporting beloved Disney characters has launched in-stores and online, while other themes and products will make their appearance progressively in the coming months.

Whether you’re a child or child at heart, there’s something for everyone. The Magic For All 2015 Fall/Winter collection comprises several hundred items for men, women, kids and babies, and it offers a wide range of products from Ultra Light Down, fleece, flannel shirts and UTs, to plush toys, umbrellas, room slippers and many more.

We’ve spotted a few we’d love to get our hands on — the basic but chic Star Wars sweatshirt as well as one of the Mickey 100 t-shirts with a quirky pizza-shaped Mickey on it.

Singapore’s full Magic For All Collection is showcased at Uniqlo’s Suntec City store, so make a trip down now!

More information here.

By Samantha Francis