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Why the need to increase fares every year?


An Unnecessary Fare Increase 

With a fare review on the cards, Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew in a Facebook post, has urged the Public Transport Council (PTC) to study whether it is possible to insulate vulnerable groups such as senior citizens from fare increases or at least mitigate the impact on this group.

Despite this assurance from the minister, the majority of our citizens are going to finding it hard to cope with non-stop price increases. With the transport operators reaping in profits year in and year out, why is there the need to increase fares every year? 

Inability to Cope

With the increase in the cost of living, many working Singaporeans are finding it increasingly tough to make ends meet

Many Singaporeans, including senior citizens are finding it difficult to find jobs. With more of our citizens having to compete with foreigners for jobs, the fare increases will cause much financial hardships to many.  Moreover, fare increase is not matched with wage increases.  Then, what about those who are without jobs and have families to feed.  What about medical costs and  food prices that are rising?

Moreover, the price of oil has dropped, so where is the justification for a fare review, which no doubt will see fare increases.

There are also a lot of social problems that have risen over the year, with some people losing the will to live.

Last year, despite a hue and cry from Singaporeans over the fare increase, the PTC went ahead and increased the fares. How many people benefitted from the fare adjustments last year?  

The government says it values feedback, but are they really listening?  Is this any way to make Singapore the best home to live, work and play in?

By Raymond Anthony Fernando


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