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Batman V Superman: It’s The Ultimate Food Fight At The DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe introduces new menu to tie up with the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

By Nicole-Marie Ng

It’s the battle many comic book fans have been waiting for, the son of Krypton takes on the bat of Gotham.

To join in this momentous battle, DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe has teamed up with Singapore Post (SingPost) to provide customers with exciting goodies to commemorate this epic dual.

The café has introduced a special themed menu in conjunction with the film. This includes a burger worthy of praise from Bruce Wayne and a pasta dish that goes back to Clark Kent’s farm boy roots.


Batman V Superman Themed Menu

DC COMICS SUPER HEROES CAFE - Batman's Truffle Pasta

The aroma of truffles perfumes the whole dish, adding to the decadence one would expect in Wayne Manor.

For fans of Batman, try the Alba Truffle Squid Ink Pasta served with grilled prawns. The chef was inspired by something Bruce Wayne himself would want to eat, using only the finest ingredients like Alba truffle and king prawns.

DC COMICS SUPER HEROES CAFE - Superman's Free Range Chicken Burger

The juicy chicken patty was the highlight of the Superman burger.

As for Superman, the chef took a more homely approach. Inspired by what Clark Kent would have as a meal back in his hometown of Smallville, Kansas, the dishes are simple and unpretentious. Between the two burgers on the new menu, I prefer Superman’s Free Range Chicken Buerger, topped with a fried organic egg and homemade guacamole.

The first 500 diners who purchase items from the new themed menu will each receive two SingPost movie postcards and MyStamp pieces from Singpost.


Collector’s Edition Stamps

Singpost has prepared a limited edition 12-page hardcover Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice MyStamp Collection ($69.90) that can be ordered here. The MyStamp collection showcases unique works of art featuring Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, who makes her first theatrical debut in this movie.includes three souvenir stamp sheets and a retractable lanyard. The

The DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe will also be giving out a special movie-themed drink with every purchase of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice MyStamp Collection.


DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe. 2 Bayfront Avenue, Bay Level 01-03 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 018972. Tel: 6688 7610.