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How To Win The ‘Best Holiday In The World’

Where would you go if you could travel for free?

By the Weekender Team; Photos: Shutterstock

Every travelling group probably has one of these characters: the foodie, the shopaholic, the nature lover, the city explorer, the eco-warrior, the laid-back individual.

Here’s a challenge – do you think you’d be able to dream up the perfect holiday to suit everyone’s tastes? Travel agency Chan Brothers Travel certainly thinks you can.

Their challenge? Pick a location you think best embodies these traits:

1. Mid-haul Flight
2. Fancy Ride
3. Constant Connectivity
4. Favourable Forex
5. Beach Break
6. Rainforest Retreat
7. Metropolitan Getaway
8. Shopping Spree
9. Wildlife Wandering
10. Epicurean Escape

One winner of the “Best Holiday in the World” contest will receive a Free & Easy+ holiday for two matching the description.

The contest has gotten us at Weekender fantasising too. Here’s what our team has in mind for our own dream holiday.


Deep Sea Discovery

Seychelles is just seven hours away from Singapore and home to beautiful whale sharks, rare Aldabra giant turtles and more. I can’t wait to start the day deep sea diving and ending it off by sampling the freshest catch of the day. Besides snorkelling and boating, I’d want to visit La Digue island; known for its woodland sanctuary for birds, rare flora and fauna like the Indian almond tree and even horse riding. The Mahé markets are also known for their vibrant atmosphere and equally great buys.” – Pamela Chow, Feature Writer


Modern Metropolis

“I’ve always been drawn to big cities, the fast-paced rhythm of people rushing everywhere and the constant stream of things to do. The last time I visited Seoul, I was 14 years old and couldn’t fully appreciate the cutting edge skincare and trendy fashion boutiques that the city is chock-full of. The next time I’m in Seoul, I plan on spending days prowling the streets of Myeong-dong and Dongdaemun clearing out the stores.” – Nicole-Marie Ng, Feature Writer


Go Back In Time

“Kyoto in Springtime is undoubtedly beautiful, especially with pretty cherry blossoms littering the fields and pathways. It was once the capital of Japan and known for its beautiful gardens, palaces and temples. Sip an afternoon away in one of the traditional tea houses or enjoy a traditional kaiseki dining experience. Marvel at fine art at the National Museum of Modern Art, or stop for a spot of shopping at the bustling Shijo-Dori. It’s also famous for Gion district, where geisha and maiko live. ” – Elizabeth Lee, Editor


Food, Fun, Flora and Friends

“My dream destination is first and foremost always Europe, for its castles, culture, architecture and picturesque scenery. However, for somewhere much nearer, less pricey and yet with everything I’d want in a holiday, it would have to be Bali.

Bali has charming beaches and idyllic natural landscapes, friendly people, plenty of options for fun and relaxation and, best of all, a whole range of fantastic, affordable food options. Once I’m back in Singapore, I always wonder when I can next return to Bali!” – Lester J Wan, Editor


Into The Blue

“Okinawa is truly Japan’s most underrated prefecture. Aptly termed ‘Little Hawaii’, it is one of the world’s most popular beach destinations with emerald blue seas, subtropical climate and sandy beaches. My ideal day would be spent island hopping around some of its 160 islands — Isigaki Island is famous for its beef while Taketomi Island is the gateway to the charming, well-preserved Okinawan villages.

After which, I’d love to visit the Churaumi Aquarium as well as witness the colourful Eisa drum dance. On a side note, Okinawan women have the longest life expectancy in the world. I could certainly do with some tips for longevity!” – Samantha Francis, Feature Writer

Think you can do better? Hop on over to the Chan Brothers Travel’s Facebook page to join the contest for a chance to win the “Best Holiday in the World”. The contest starts today (Mar 28) and the closing date for submissions is Sunday, Apr 3. The winner will be notified by Apr 6.