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10 Most Stunning Instagram Pictures Of The Solar Eclipse

Coolest Instagram pictures of the #solareclipse2016 you might have missed

Earlier this morning, the moon eclipsed the sun in a rare astronomical event.

The eclipse began at around 7.20am and reached its peak at around 8.23am, with about 90 percent of the sun obscured by the moon.

If you were not up early enough to catch the eclipse for yourself, here are some of the best pictures of the eclipse as captured by Instagram users.

1. @nasa

2. @yukimitsuyasu

3. @hunhancai


4. @benefiko

5. @christover.photos23

6. @rodmoc89


7. @kubilay.akdemir

8. @cnn

9. @lusianasaumi


10. @adlafini



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