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#whattowatch: Movies And Performances To Watch November 2022

Other than the highly anticipated Marvel Studios movie, there are a lot of cartoons to look forward to as the school holiday draws near!

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1. Faces Of Anne

Everyone is called “Anne,” and they are all being chased! Prove your bravery in a movie that will awaken all your senses in order to survive. In Faces of Anne, Anne takes you on a terrifying mystery journey with secrets lurking in the dark corners. When all the girls named “Anne” wakes up with fuzzy memories, the doctors and nurses keep injecting and saying it is a mental symptom that they think to themselves, along with hypnosis to make them remember who they are.

Not too long ago, in this mental ward, every time Anne opened her eyes, every time Anne dies, or every time Anne’s face changed, the young women in this place began to disappear mysteriously. Fear gradually began to take root in the minds of the survivors. Until they encountered the legendary deer-headed demon “Wedigo”. In order to survive, everyone must work together. The only way is to piece together the past and the mysteries that lead to the truth and to find a way to escape in time before death takes them away.

Release Date: 3 November 2022

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