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#WhatToWatch: Catch These Heartwarming Chinese Dramas

Ran out of Korea shows to watch? Here are some highly recommended Chinese dramas for you.

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2. The Chang’An Youth (长安少年行)

Shen Yi Yi lives in the city and has excellent cooking skills. When she was young, she was friends with Shen Die Yi. Die Yi abruptly dies of a cough and her life remains a mystery.

In order to repay her friendship with Die Yi, Yi Yi poses as Die Yi and heads to Chang’an Lu Xing to fulfill the marriage contract. As well, she wants to find out the truth behind Die Yi’s life.

In order to delay the marriage, Yi Yi dresses up like a man and enters the Shangyi Guan alongside with Die Yi’s fiancé, Tang Jiu Hua. They also meet Yang Zi An who was ordered by the emperor to hide his identity and enter Shangyi Guan.

Together, Shen Yi Yi, Yang Zi An, Tang Jiu Hua, second prince Li Xin Yuan and swordsman Du Gu Mu Xue solve many strange cases. They face the embassy of the East Kingdom, and form the “five sons of Shangyi Guan”, becoming famous in all of Chang’an. They defeat the enemy and triumphantly return to the North.

Though everything seemed at peace, a larger conspiracy was just beginning. The Crown Prince rebels against the kingdom and Die Yi’s life comes to surface. Together, the five must ride out the difficulties and bring peace to the kingdom.

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