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#WhatToWatch: 106 Singaporean Films And Series Landing On Netflix

Enjoy local productions starting from 1 August 2020 onwards!

106 Singapore-made films and series will launch progressively on Netflix starting August 1. Yes, you heard us right. 106 films! This is made possible through Netflix partnership with local studios Clover Films, Mediacorp, MM2 Entertainment and Memento Films.

Enjoy classic films such as the award-winning Ilo Ilo, I Not Stupid, Homerun, 881 and Ah Boys to Men II along with well-loved series like Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd, Growing Up, Under One Roof, The Noose, The Unbeatables and Bunga Tanjong. These are shows that the 80s and 90s babies grew up watching.

I Not Stupid

Some existing Singapore titles on Netflix such as Shirkers, A Yellow Bird, A Land Imagined, Ah Boys to Men, and Revenge of the Pontianak as well as a selection of Mediacorp dramas are also available as well.

The hot favourite Phua Chu Kang Ptd Ltd can also be found on Toggle if you are not a Netflix member.


Guess what is Weekender's favourite series? The Noose! The Noose is anything but history. The Noose is a weekly half-hour parody of a local newscast, anchored by B.B.See and Adrianna Wowwwwwwwww! Count us in for anything parody!


How about the movies? Movie lovers, get your popcorns and drinks ready as you movie-marathon your August away as Clover Films brings in more than 50 local movies into Netflix subscribers!

In order for members to easily find their beloved Singaporean stories, Netflix will exclusively be housing both its upcoming and existing Singaporean films and series under a special “Singapore, Now Streaming” collection (www.netflix.com/sgnowstreaming) starting August 1. Netflix viewers can simply enter “SG Now Streaming” into the search bar to access this list.

Additionally, for a limited time and only in Singapore, viewers will see a variety of fun Sing-lish renditions of their favourite Netflix rows:
1. Set In Singapore -- Global shows and films that feature Singapore
2. Could Have Happened In Yishun -- Horror films
3. Indoor Paktor -- Romance
4. Sayang Hae Yo -- K-drama and K-romance
5. Why You So Action -- Action shows
6. Sedap till Shiok -- Food shows
7. Haji Lane Hipness -- Fashion Shows
8. That Atas Life -- Luxury homes, or Fashion shows
9. No Need To Chope Leave -- Travel, or Exploration shows

Here is the complete list of homegrown movies and series:

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Money No Enough Too

August 8, 2020:
My Magic
Mee Pok Man
Money No Enough
Money No Enough Too
Gurushetram – 24 Hours Of Anger
The Teenage Textbook Movie
The Tree
Liang Po Po The Movie
In The Room
Two Boys And A Mermaid
Taxi Taxi
Ah Long Pte Ltd
The Songs We Sang (Previously indicated as ‘The Songs That We Sang’)
The Truth About Jane and Sam
Growing Up
The Price of Peace
Bunga Tanjong
Teochew Family
The Wedding Game
The Matchmaker’s Match
Best of Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd

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