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5 Things You Missed At The Met Gala

These celebrities kept us intrigued with their quirky accessories

By Nicole-Marie Ng

The Met Gala is undoubtedly New York City’s most glamorous yearly affair and this year was no different. Celebrities came dressed to the theme of Manus X Machina, a mix of man and machine.

We saw human robots with chrome arms à la Bucky, The Winter Soldier on Zayn Malik and a light-up ballgown on Claire Danes that gave us serious Disney princess goals.

While some outfits stood out on their own, other celebrities were more creative with their accessories. Here are some subtle details we managed to catch on the carpet that we missed at first glance.

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1. The trendy Tamagotchi

Our favourite accessory of the night was the humble Tamagotchi, the digital pet simulator we used to play with as children. Only superstars like Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom could pull off this trend.

We wonder if they kept their little pet alive and well throughout the party or if it suffered a horrible death like the Tamagotchis of our past did. RIP little guy.

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