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Super Nanny shows the way

Entertainment Television Super Nanny Jo Frost

Entertainment Television Super Nanny Jo FrostIt would be easy to believe that our kids are a lost generation but “Super Nanny” Jo Frost lights the way

Many parents today feel that they’re doing a worse job than their own parents did, and some even believe that they’re failing their kids. But are they?

Get Talking

Jo Frost, of Super Nanny fame, believes she just needs to get parents talking again and sharing what they know.

Through a series of case studies and exciting experiments, Jo is setting out to prove that we are good parents: we just need to get talking again.

Gripping Episodes

In each episode, Jo meets different parents who have problems with their kids. She stays with the families to observe how the parents interact with their kids, and advise or encourage them to change certain methods of handling their kids.

For example, in the first episode, Jo has seen footage of Kiran’s mother, Sophia, trying to force feed Kiran. She knows that she wasn’t watching someone who wanted to be unkind; it was just someone who was utterly desperate to get her child to eat.

In the past, Kiran had been sent to hospital with dehydration and Jo could see that, every meal time, Sophia was scared that Kiran would have to go to hospital if she didn’t force Kiran to eat something.

Super Nanny’s Recommendations

Jo would then recommend certain changes. For Kiran, Jo had to put the basics in place:

1. Routine meal times

• A rule that meals would only last for half an hour and that anything Kiran hadn’t eaten would stay on the side for half an hour but if Kiran still hadn’t eaten it, it would go in the bin.

• A total withdrawal of all sugary snacks and sugary drinks

• Mum and Dad to lead by example and eat together around a meal table

2. Taking Sophia to the park with Kiran

Jo needed Sophia to relax around Kiran and around Kiran’s meals, and she also needed to put something fun and positive in place to counterbalance all the new rules around meal times and to rebuild their relationship.

Going out and hanging out in the park, and looking at the animals, was a really nice experience. It helped Sophia to relax and allowed her to eat a picnic lunch with Kiran without fussing and panicking.

It was good for her to learn that when she’s having a meal she can just be quiet; she doesn’t have to talk and fuss about food all the time. In this new relaxed environment, Kiran got on with it and ate her lunch.

Tune in to catch more useful tips from the one they call the Super Nanny.

Jo Frost airs every Wednesday on Lifetime, Starhub Ch 514, at 8pm.