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Gino’s Italian Escape: Taste the pride of Italy

Fresh produce gives tastier food

Famous chef and Italian native Gino D’Acampo takes a tour of his country to uncover and lay out for us the culinary delights of the region

Italy has always been a land known for its varied foods. In this six-part series, chef and TV presenter Gino D’Acampo returns to his homeland to take a culinary tour.

Gino trawls through southern Italy to reveal the smells and tastes of the region. Enjoy a trip through the sun-drenched Mediterranean with visuals to fill your tummy.

Episode 1 – Zesty Lemon Delight in Amalfi

Gino returns to the holiday destination of his childhood. He picks some of Amalfi’s famous lemons and creates a delicious creamy lemon mousse topped with crushed amaretti biscuits.

Episode 2 – Naples & the Home of the Pizzeria

Few people know, the city of Naples invented the pizza in 1889, and Gino travels there to assist in the creation of one. He also shows us how to cook chicken in breadcrumbs with mozzarella and pizza sauce, which his mother invented.

Episode 3 – A Drop of Oil in Puglia

Puglia and its famous olive oil take centre stage as Gino finds out how it is made. He also whips up a tender beef fillet with an Italian gremolata dressing, along with handcrafted orcchiette pasta.

#88_ent_GINOS_ITALIAN_ESCAPE_05Episode 4 – When in Rome…

Gino travels to the heart of Italy and the Roman Empire, where he makes the traditional carbonara pasta dish at the Coliseum, no less.

In this episode, he also visits award-winning chef Anna Dente and creates a pan-fried lamb drizzled in honey sauce and rosemary. Mmm…

Episode 5 – The World Famous Pasta of Gragnano

Gino tours the historic pasta factories of Gragnano and discovers the secret to hand-rolling fusilli. After his visit, he puts together a delectable cherry tiramisu and vanilla mascarpone with liqueur for dessert.

Learn how to make traditional Italian pasta, pizza and dessert
Learn how to make traditional Italian pasta, pizza and dessert

Episode 6 – Return to Puglia

Gino returns to Puglia where he sees one of the ancient oak-fried ovens used in Italian cooking throughout the centuries.

To cap off the series, he makes the Italian version of beans on toast for the audience. This is a tantalising combination of cannellini beans and cherry tomatoes on a beautiful crumbly piece of bruschetta.

For more southern Italian treasures, tune in to “Gino’s Italian Escape”.

“Gino’s Italian Escape” premieres on Thu, Jul 10, at 10pm, on Asian Food Channel, StarHub TV Ch 435.