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Eat, drink and watch happy TV with the family

Cavin Soh hosts Happy Foodie New Year
Cavin Soh hosts Happy Foodie New Year
Cavin Soh hosts Happy Foodie New Year

Watch these entertaining Lunar New Year programmes with your family this festive holiday season, and enjoy good mirth and makan

The Lunar New Year is almost here and instead of racking your brains trying to figure out how to entertain all your friends and family under one roof, why not tune in to Asian Food Channel’s (AFC) programmes to whet your appetite for your reunion feasts and to share funny moments together?

Enjoy a marathon of great Lunar New Year programmes, including AFC Original Production “Happy Foodie New Year” and the other New Year Specials of AFC Original Productions.

Back To the Streets 2 (Lunar New Year Special)

Fri, Jan 31, 9pm; Re-runs: Sat, Feb 1, 2pm & 8.30pm and Sun, Feb 2, 10.30am & 4pm
Gong Xi Fa Cai! It is the festive season and watching Malcolm mark his students’ papers is not Zher’s idea of a good time.

Refusing to waste anymore of her Chinese New Year holiday, she entices him away from work with the promise of a delicious feast. So, they pack up and head to Restoran Lee Hong Kee and enjoy a prosperous meal of Poon Chai and Lao Mei Fan.

Malcolm incorporates the rice dish as his inspiration for the dish of the week. Will good fortune be on his side?

A Party Affair (Lunar New Year Special)

Fri, Jan 31, 9.30pm; Re-runs: Sat, Feb 1, 12.30pm and Sun, Feb 2, 10am, 4.30pm & 8.30pm
It’s the Lunar New Year and Chef Willin’s closest friends are heading over to his place for a gathering. Chef Willin whips up a feast with three party dishes that pay tribute to classic Chinese cooking, with a modern twist.

Incorporating the traditional and popular Asian preserved sweetmeat, Chef Willin serves the scrumptious Bak Kwa Spinach Salad, Yu Sheng Ceviche with Tortilla Corn Chips and a rich Foie Gras Ngo Hiang Parcel, which offers a twist to the typical five-spiced meat rolls.

Happy Foodie New Year

Sat, Feb 1, 9am-12pm; Re-run: Sat, Feb 1, 5pm-8pm
Join host Calvin Soh as he finds out what makes the perfect New Year feast. From visiting the factories of Singapore’s most beloved brands to meeting the creators of popular New Year dishes in Singapore, Calvin goes all out in exploring the true tradition and history behind this beloved holiday.

Meet top chefs from popular Singaporean eateries and learn how to make your own Chinese New Year dishes.

Ching-He Huang transforms restaurant menus in Restaurant Redemption
Ching-He Huang transforms restaurant menus in Restaurant Redemption

Restaurant Redemption

Fri, Jan 31, 10pm; Re-run: Sat, Feb 1, 2pm and Sun, Feb 2, 11am & 9pm
Changing the face of Asian food in the USA, one menu at a time, food entrepreneur Ching-He Huang travels across the country to help struggling restaurants update their dishes and make over their average businesses.

Visit www.asianfoodchannel.com/lny2014 for more information. Asian Food Channel is on StarHub TV Ch 435.