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FURRY TIPS WITH FLUFFY: Pet-proof your place

Today, I overheard my humans talking about pet-proofing our place. I wonder what that means – do you know?

Tips from Fluffy on how to be a pet owner

Hello humans, I arf in peace!

My name is Fluffy and I am 3 years old. My hobbies include chewing on my toys and running around the home when my human, Franky is home. Franky is usually in school till the afternoon, Mum is usually in the kitchen cooking and Dad watches the tv a lot. It left me pretty lonely so Franky decided to introduce me to the cat, Kathy, next door! Now we hang out at my crib together.

But Dad says with a new pet (companion), comes great pet-ponsibilities. So one day I woke up and saw him fixing things up around the house! I followed him around and curiously noted what he did.

Meshing windows and doors

Dad says the mesh is keep Kathy from falling out of windows or going out of the house to loiter in the public areas. It not only keeps her safe, but it ensures she would not wander off and get lost. I “arf”-ed in approval. I would be lost without Kathy!

Hiding exposed wire cables

Mum reminded that that my box of chew-toys was very near the tv where the cables were exposed. She rearranged the furniture so that they are all fully hidden from view. Now I can chew in peace!

Removing sharp objects

Franky recently started taking Art as a Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) and he brings a lot of his works home. Me and Kathy love the dangling decorations he made and we tried to play with it. Mum saw it and quickly took them down. Franky decided to frame them afterwards – it looks even better now!


Kathy meows a lot and tells me she misses the rug Dad used to have in his room. But I reminded her that she always cough up fur balls and I end up sneezing a lot if the rug has not been washed in a while. Besides I love the tiled floor! It feels very cooling on sunny afternoons.

Dad heaved a sigh of relief when he was done. Mum went to cook dinner for us. As a treat for not bothering Dad while he worked, I got a beef jerky and Kathy got cat biscuits! It was a very happy day for both of us.

We hope all pet owners around the world would take care of us as well as Franky does!


To know more, please go to: http://www.petsforlife.com.sg/

By Nicole Lee