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Say hi to Soi 60

What happens when you combine traditional Thai dishes with a dash of creativity? Say hi to Soi 60.

I usually eat only Pad Thai, the rest of Thailand’s food scares me. It is either too spicy or too salty. It is rare to find a good mix of that. That is why I considered it one of my better decisions when I decided to drop by Soi 60.

We met their friendly head chef and she revealed her favorite dish to us and I made a mental note to snatch for that later. As it turns out, she was right on the money.

Our crab with spicy grilled corn is delish

In food we bond

We tasted several dishes and the first was this. I was too late in grabbing a photo – the rest had already started scavenging for the hidden crab bits! And for good reason too – it was savory with just the right touch of spice. The corn provided a much-needed mouthful as the crab bit portions were considerably small.

Meet my favorite dish!
Meet my favorite dish!

Soup for the soul

This was my unparalleled favorite. Their yellow bean and pork dip with fresh vegetable crudites were a hit or miss among the crowd. You either like the dip or hate it. I personally found it a little too salty by itself but an absolute delight when mixed sparingly on rice.

I miss food - I mean Soi 60 - again.
No there is nothing better than Thai on a cold afternoon

The cream of the crop

When the crispy snapper fish with green mango salad was serve, a small hush fell over our table as we waited for each other to make a move. A lady finally offered to cut the fish for us, and it was a fastest-fingers-first grab for the portions.

I fell in love with it. The dash of mango flavor made the fish surprisingly light, and the crunchiness of the crust made a wonderful mouthful. I ignored the salad and helped myself to seconds of the fish. It tasted better and more savory with each bite. I am sold.

I apologize that you had to see the empty bowl of yellow bean and pork dip

Desserts for you?

We were served three of their most popular desserts. My absolute favourite was the mango sticky rice. I am a sucker for traditional Thai dishes and they did this brilliantly, with much sweeter condensed milk than the usual and the softest mango slices I have had since my Bangkok trip.

Are you Bangkok-hungover too? Come fill your stomach now!

Tel: 6635 6675

Address: 60 Robertson Quay, #01-04 The Quayside, 238252

Web: www.soi60.com.sg

By Nicole Lee