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Feeling pretty Korean at K.Cook BBQ

With all the Korea hype, it is no wonder their food is coming to our shores. Cue K.Cook BBQ of Orchard Central!

There is something magical about buffets. No, it is not the way the oil splatters of the neighboring woks graze me. But it is the way my stomach suddenly becomes an abyss where I can keep loading food after food after food in it and it will still ask for more.

And that is the story of how I finished K.Cook BBQ’s supply of braised chicken.

I love the colors!

An assortment of ready-made food

I usually look for the dessert and fruit tables first at any BBQ. I am quite an impatient eater so these would be my buffer while waiting for the food to be cooked. So imagine my delight when I found out that they even have coleslaws and salads.

There was a tray of braised chicken that was on the ready-made table. Most of the people just walked past it but I took one to try. As it turned out, it became my favorite item of the night. It was delightfully spicy and chewy, a stark contrast from the meat on the grill.

Do you like your food sweet or spicy?

Too many choices, too little time

The buffet includes 10 kinds of meat items (beef, pork, chicken) and prawn, squids. In addition, there are 10 kinds of cooked food items such as chicken wings, korean pancakes, spicy rice cake. The marinades are authentically Korean and using special homemade recipes.

On a scale of 10 to 10, how good does this look?

More meat than what meets the plate

I especially love the large selection of meat. I chose quite a lot of their beef plate eye which was one of their specials. It was very tender and went perfectly with the sauces available. The pork collar was another of my favourite too. I am not a big fan but it tasted heavenly with hints of butter from the grill.

Everyone loves the spicy foods

Frying kimchi and buttering lettuce

All cooked food items such as Kimchi Rolls are all handmade by in-house chefs. Food is marinated and cooked using special
homemade recipes. I liked the pancakes but they ran out too fast. It tastes like a Korean roti prata. You gotta try it to know!

It also helps that their manager is Korean and super cute. But that is not the point of course.

Address: #07-01, 81 Orchard Rd, 238896

Tel: 68847282

By Nicole Lee