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#WHATTOWATCH: 6 New Chinese Romance Dramas to Look out for

Love romance series? Fall in love all over again with these Chinese Romantic Series.

If you love a good star-crossed romance story, these highly-rated romantic dramas are right up your alley. Here are seven titles for you to follow!

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1. Moonlight (月光变奏曲)

With a passion for publishing, Chu Li (THE9’s Esther) successfully enters her dream company, Yuan Yue Publishing House. There, she navigates the cutthroat publishing industry, eventually rising to become the editor through her hard work and determination. When she meets renowned author Zhou Chuan (Ryan Ding from The Romance of Tiger and Rose), the two are instantly at odds with one another. However, it is revealed that they are actually close friends online, and this forces them to reevaluate their relationship.

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