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Hoobastank has a wicked opening act

Modern Rock band Hoobastank is returning to Singapore for a one-night only live concert at the Coliseum Hard Rock Sentosa come 30th November!

Best known for their mega hit “The Reason” which top the radio charts in Singapore, Hoobastank are pulling no stops for their Asia tour and promise an electrifying performance.

We have missed you, Hoobastank! So glad to have them on our shores soon

Expect to hear hits like “Crawling in the Dark”, “Same Direction”, “Remember Me”, “The Reason” and songs from their latest album – Fight or Flight. Fight or Flight marks the beginning of what promises to be a vital new chapter in the nearly two-decade run of the versatile L.A. band.

The musically and emotionally intense work in the album will prove to be another of Hoobastank’s best.

Wicked Aura_hi res
Audiences from around South East Asia have all been thrilled by Wicked Aura’s live performances

As if spending the night with Hoobastank is not enough, we have local talent Wicked Aura as Hoobastank’s opening act! As a group that has been together for 11 years, Wicked Aura has developed into a multi faceted, full instrument and vocal group.

Audiences from all around the world have all been thrilled by Wicked Aura’s live performances, mashing up glorious Afro-Brazilian rhythms with a chunk of funk, a slab of rock & punk, a ton of reggae, a hint of spicy local ethnic rhythms and dizzying electronica, all packed into one explosive cocktail.

By Shuqi Eu