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Singapore’s first and only build-your-own coloured burger joint makes its debut

In recent years, there seem to be a trend for putting colour in our plates (and even putting colour on ourselves, note: The Colour Run and Illumi Run). We have rainbow cakes, flavoured syrup, edible colour and so on. Now, we have coloured burgers!

Coloured burgers with a healthy twist have arrived at Eggs & Berries. Yup, you heard it right. Coloured and healthy don’t seem to go along. So, how can anything with colouring be healthy?

Burger Grp Shot_4601


Made with all-natural ingredients – what’s there not to love?

A dining palette of colours

Everything offered in Eggs & Berries is served in an array of colours – from drinks to the mains to the desserts.

Here, you can find Singapore’s very first line of build-your-own coloured burgers. Coming in wonderful hues of green, yellow, pink and black, the buns are a sight to behold. Before you get turned off or grossed out by the unhealthy, artificial colouring in the carb-laden buns – the colours are caused by all-natural ingredients. Billed as the Heavenly Four, each bun is made with all-natural ingredients and is thus brimming with flavours and goodness, each with their own health benefits.

The buns will form the roof and base of the burgers. Pair them with one of four handmade gourmet patties and build the juiciest burger there ever exists. All burgers will be served with a side of potato wedges and mixed greens.

Beetroot & Smoked Paprika_4549


The pink burger – made with smoked paprika and beetroot also help manages blood pressure.

Personally, I preferred the pink burger best, which was made with smoked paprika and beetroot (no colour bias here), and then the green burger – made with spinach pesto. The tastes of the two said buns were not as strong as the black burger – made with charcoal squid and the yellow burger – made with turmeric curry.

The patties do play a big part in the overall taste of the burger – the chicken and pork patties had a less commanding aftertaste. You can customise your burgers (reminder: it’s build-your-own-burger), so we recommend pairing the green or pink buns with the chicken or pork patties to be on the milder side. But, if you prefer something stronger, by all means, go ahead with pairing the lamb patty with the yellow buns.

Tumeric Curry_4559


The strongest of the four – the turmeric curry burger doubles up as a boost to good skin.

The Heavenly Four are mammoth towers of goodness. There is something to discover in every layer. Sink your teeth into them and ascend to the peak of satisfaction.

Finally, cap off the meal with one of Eggs & Berries’s aesthetically-pleasing desserts. Fresh and invigorating fruits such as berries are the marquee ingredients in each dessert. Not only do they boast health properties, they also lend colours. Indeed, the dining experience at Eggs & Berries is a treat for the eyes and stomach!

A colourful dining experience

Apart from the colourful food, feast your eyes on the splendid interplay of colours from the moment you step into the newly launched Jurong Point outlet. Be spellbound by the vibrant décor. As an advocate of healthy and delicious meals, only the freshest ingredients, handpicked by the chefs, go into the dishes. It’s something for everyone – the young and old alike.

Eggs and Berries, 1 Jurong West Central 2, Jurong Point 1, Singapore 648886

By Eu Shuqi