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Is F1 losing its touch or is J L just sexy?

Let’s admit it – F1’s biggest headline this year was Jennifer Lopez’s timeless butt.

Nothing drew a bigger crowd than Jennifer Lopez.

It was well into the night when Lewis Hamilton was crowned the winner of this year’s Singapore GP and the spirits were high. Following the victory announcement, Jennifer Lopez finally came on with the 60,000 strong audience joining together in a unison of hysterical screams.

She started with her favourites – we have “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” and “Ain’t It Funny” but honestly, she could have sung Poland’s national anthem and I would fall over myself running to her concert. The 45 year old has proven that age has nothing on her, with dance moves enviable by Shakira and a body any woman would kill for.


Baby got back

A flurry of outfit changes later, she was back with powering through “Booty” with a delightful showcase of her excellent twerking. I think the screams of the fans almost rivaled the decibels of the F1 race cars. The live feed camera got its target and it is definitely at J Lo’s back.

J Lo stopped in between sets to catch up lovingly with the audience, telling us that, “I remember the last time I was here in Singapore, we were dancing in the rain, and it was one of my favourite moments of the tour.” Aww we love you too J Lo!


For the race or the music?

We could not have asked for a better wrap up of this year’s Formula One Grand Prix. Our only surprise was how the audience seemed more fired up for J Lo’s concert than Lewis Hamilton’s victory. Is F1 losing its magic?

Nonetheless, we look forward to next year’s races with hopefully even bigger acts. Can someone bring Nicki Minaj in already? I am dying to see the crowd lose it when she performs Anaconda.

By Nicole Lee