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Lee Min Ho: I Was Awkward With Gianna Jun

What does the K-drama king think about working with K-drama queen Gianna Jun?

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Lee Min Ho is back and he has a mermaid girlfriend. Well, only on screen – he stars as genius conman Heo Joon Jae, who runs into Shim Chung (played by Gianna Jun Ji Hyun), the world’s last mermaid.

Two of the hottest names in the Korean TV scene working together in a dramedy – what do they think about it? We find out from Lee in three quick questions.

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Why did you choose “Legend of the Blue Sea” as your TV comeback since 2013’s “The Inheritors”?

Lee Min Ho: I chose “Legend” as my comeback project because of ‘Park-Jin-Jun’ – Park Ji Eun, the screenwriter of “My Love from the Star”; Jin Hyuk, whom I worked with for “The Inheritors” and actress Jun Ji Hyun.

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