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Emma Watson Spills About Harry Potter Stars’ WhatsApp Group

Our own chat groups suddenly seem less cool

Photo: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

Is there a spell to counter uncontrollable fangirl squealing? In a recent interview, Beauty and the Beast star Emma Watson revealed that she still keeps in touch with her Harry Potter co-stars – via WhatsApp, no less.

Speaking about her latest film, which is a Disney live-action remake of the 1991 animated classic, Watson revealed that she keeps in touch with the main cast of the Harry Potter series.

She said, “We actually have a group [on] WhatsApp. I invited everyone really from the main cast to come to the screenings. Matt Lewis and Tom Felton came to the screening that we just had in LA.

“It’s kind of like Pokemon. I’m trying to catch them all right now. I’ve got Bonnie [Wright] and Dan [Radcliffe] left. We are all spread all over the globe and so it’s the case of trying to get people into the right places. I feel very supported by my old costars.”

Watch the interview snippet here:

Beauty and the Beast opens in theatres on 23 Mar.