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Chefs with Heart: Teaching a man to ‘fish’

#46_500P_Raihan's-Fried-RiceThe first winning dish and trainee chef are revealed in the first few episodes

Reality programme Chefs with Heart features three celebrity chefs imparting cooking skills to at-risk, local youths, which enhances their employment opportunities in the F&B industry.

Chefs Making a Difference

Created by Josephine of Just Cinnamon, these at-risk youths will be taught by Chef Heman of Foodfest F&B Pte Ltd, Chef Willin Low of Wild Rockets Group, and lead trainer, Chef Benny Se Teo of Eighteen Chefs, who is the first Asian to be trained in Jamie Oliver’s famed restaurant, Fifteen.

In the second and third episodes, airing on Aug 23 and 30, Chef Benny takes them on an orientation to Tekka after the apprentices finish the Food Hygiene Course.

Important Basic Skills

At the colourful market, which offers a multitude of fresh produce, he introduces them to the types of ingredients, and teaches them how to choose young ginger. The young apprentices will also learn how to differentiate between the male and female crab, where the meatier portions are, and more.

By starting with simple dishes, the youths will learn ingredients’ names, ways to cut, how to toss food in pans, how to add flavour, as well as plating and presentation.

Where It Is Aired

Catch this feel-good reality show on Wednesday nights, or the episode any time after it is released. You can get culinary tips from the chefs as well as see the winning dish and the winner of the first food challenge.

Episodes 2 and 3 are posted on Chefs with Heart’s YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/channel/UCD2i9A6NO3ghfEUpYNm1rkA from Aug 14 and 21.
Check out www.facebook.com/pages/Chefs-With-Heart/164480883718822 for updates and videos.
Visit www.chefswithheartsg.com for more information.