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Stephanie Carrington is not just a pretty face

Stephanie Carrington’s pretty face will be seen more with her new role as host of RTL CBS Asia Network but she’s much more than her beauty

#97_ent_steph5aPan-Asian beauty Stephanie Carrington has lived a nomadic life since her birth, in Germany. Coming from a military family, she subsequently spent her formative years in Korea before ending up in our fair city.

Stephanie’s made waves in the modelling and entertainment industry and she’s about to make even bigger waves with her latest role as the official host of RTL CBS Asia Network.

Congratulations on your appointment as the official host of RTL CBS Entertainment Network!

I am really excited with the appointment as a Face and Official Host of RTL CBS Asia Network, the combination of two international powerhouse networks into one official network that provides the best of entertainment to all of Asia… and to not only be part of the team but to be fronting the network as a whole.

What more can a girl can ask for?

What events can we expect to see you hosting in the near future?

So far, (this year) I have hosted numerous events for high-profile brands and have several other events in the pipeline.

In addition to RTL CBS Asia Entertainment, you will also be able to catch me again on MediaCorp Ch 5’s National Science Challenge as I return for my sixth season.

In the course of your job, have you met anyone whom you’ve been starstruck by?

I have been very lucky and fortunate to work with and meet people from all different walks of life. From leading global fashion designers, international actors, musicians to F1 race car drivers…

I think it would be unfair for me to pick out just one person who I have been starstruck by so, let’s just say, everyone I meet in my job inspires me! 🙂

#97_ent_03_16_steph-0252aYou also count dancing and acting as part of your repertoire, would you ever love to star in a movie such as Step Up?

Hahaha! I was one of several local celebrities that “strutted their stuff” for Dance Star Asia. That would have to be one of the most gruelling ten weeks of my life but I am so proud that I had the opportunity to work with and learn from, world-class dancers that had flown in all the way from England.

But if someone wanted to put me in the next Step Up movie, why not?? I would love to! Or maybe even a theatre production… Now that would be a challenge but definitely one that I’d love to explore!

Any interesting or memorable event on the job?

I have to say, every event or job I do is very different and that is why I love my job!

I will never forget the time that I swam with sharks (and how freaky it was!), walked down the runway wearing a tailor-made dress made solely out of credit cards, hosted the launch of the most expensive car in the world and, just recently, in front of over 300 people, I ate not one but two cockroaches when I hosted the official launch of the RTL CBS Extreme HD Channel!

Being of mixed heritage, are you more comfortable in a western environment or in an Asian environment?

Having practically travelled since the day I was born, with my family, and even throughout my career before making Singapore my home, I feel very grateful to have experienced so many different cultures and environments.

It’s always a hard one for me because Asian values and culture is a very big part of me but, at the same time, Western cultures are equally as important. So, you could say I am comfortable in both environments and enjoy the best of both. But… as the larger part of my life has been in Asia, if I had to choose, perhaps I would choose Asia?? Ooh… it’s a tough one.

What would you like to say to your fans?

First and foremost, I am very thankful and grateful that Singapore has welcomed me with open arms and I am happy to call Singapore home. I am so appreciative of all the support and love and I look forward to showing different sides of me and sharing more of my experiences with all of my fans.

Sending hugs to each and every one of you! 🙂

By Cheryl Chia