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World Emoji Day 2021: 5 Fun Facts About Emojis in Singapore

It is no doubt that we use Emoji every single day, be it on WhatsApp, Facebook or Telegram.

Do you know that World Emoji Day falls on July 17 every year? Another fun fact that you should know is that emoji is a Japanese word that means picture word. When people can’t express what they want to convey in words, they will often replace the texts with emojis.

We send text messages every day and it has become a part of our everyday life. Texts without emojis can sometimes sound solemn or boring. So many of us tend to end a sentence with emoji 😂.

As part of World Emoji Day, Weekender will be sharing some fun facts on how emojis are commonly used in Singapore:

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1. Gen Z and Millennials Both Use the Same Three Emojis the Most

Despite the big gap in the age group, guess the two rival generations aren’t that different after all! There’s been a lot of friendly rivalry between Gen Zs, age between 18-24 and Millennials, age between 25-44 over the use of the 😂 emoji, with Gen Zs deeming it ‘uncool’. But do you know the truth?

Both age groups use these same three Emojis the most: 😂 🤣 and 😁. Speaking of rivalry…

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