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Claire Jedrek gets our hearts racing

Credit to The Film Dispensary

Once a suitcase babe from “Deal or No Deal”, you may not know that Claire Jedrek is also a fitness enthusiast and competitive racer

The beautiful British-born Claire Jedrek came back to Singapore in 1994, having attended Cedar Girls Secondary School then. She started to grab attention and publicity grew when she appeared as a suitcase girl in the Singaporean franchise of the TV show “Deal or No Deal”.

Credit to The Film Dispensary
Claire Jedrek is running in the Great Eastern Women’s Run on Nov 9  (Credit to The Film Dispensary)

More than just a model, Claire has made a name for herself in the extreme sport as well as race scene. An avid race-karter, she also tested for the Malaysian Super Series earlier this year, and competed in the support race for the F1 Malaysian Grand Prix. She is even being mentored to be team manager in the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia.

Claire’s latest undertaking is the Great Eastern Women’s Run on Nov 9, and she shares with usher enthusiasm for fitness and some tips.

What piqued your interest in sport?

As far as anyone has ever recounted to me, it seems I was born on full charge to hit the ground running. Sport has always been something I have always fallen back on no matter where I have been and where I will be heading to in future. I feel an exhilaration nothing else can give me. It has always had such a positive effect on my life and it continues to lead the way!

What is your typical exercise routine?

I have always loved running as part of an overall weekly routine; so, two to three times a week, anywhere from 2.4km to 10km. I then have High Intensity Interval Trainings (HIIT) workouts which are great for slotting in anytime of the day, so I generally go for one-hour workouts to two hours max. That is my year-end big bang!

Do you have any advice for a person who wants to start exercising?

Thinking about making this addition to your life can be overwhelming but it’s a start. Remember goals are something within reach, so start really small like a 10-min brisk walk or slow jog and, when you are ready to crank it up a notch, add on the minutes. Wanting to complete a marathon is an aspiration, not a goal. Not all of us can be self-motivated, so having a partner can help… Simply put, just get your shoes on and get out of the door! That, to me, is the biggest hurdle.

What has been your personal best in sports?

Right now, it has to be racing cars, where I finished Top 9 in the category out of 36 competitors in the Malaysian Super Series (MSS). Personal bests are about how hard I know I have pushed myself to be there even if it means being the only female. Racing cars is brilliant because it sees no gender or age.

Do you have a strict diet?

I am pretty good with what I eat but I love doughnuts and over-buttered bread. I tend to cook more so I know what I am putting in me, and if I control my shopping I can over-indulge in good food. Wraps are my flavour of the month right now!

Do you ever get lazy and skip exercising?

Of course! The simple pleasures in life sometimes are staying in to play with my nephew or playing my latest obsession, Sim City 4, and at other times I have work deadlines but I try not to feel guilty because life’s way too short to be upset at myself. [Smiles]

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By Cheryl Chia