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Amidst Her Queen Of Hearts World Tour, HK Star G.E.M Still Waits For Her King

In a sit-down interview with the songstress, we posed the question: music or love?

Photos: Swarovski 

G.E.M sparkled, literally!

At her recent Queen Of Hearts show held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, the Hong Kong singer performed in a lineup of Swarovski-embellished outfits that glistened and glimmered when she so much as moved a finger.

But it was not the get-ups that left fans starry-eyed.

Reflecting the similar enthrallment from her sold-out three-day concert in early 2015, G.E.M pulled out all the stops and filled the arena with her powerful singing, belting out originals songs such as One Way Road and Long Distance. But it was her melodious renditions of Jay Chou’s Tornado and David Huang’s Intoxicated, just to name a few, were what drew in a more spirited response from the crowd. The songbird also proved to be more than a vocal extraordinaire with her showcase of piano-tinkering, guitar-strumming, and drums-thumping prowess.

We sat down with the singer for an interview right after her last performance of the two-night Queen of Hearts show. A far-cry from her blinding crystal-encrusted costumes, G.E.M arrived donned casually in a pair of denim jeans and a plain tee.  Her endearing and candid personality, instead, shone.

This is your second time in Singapore since your concert in 2015. Are your feelings any different from the previous visit? 

Oh, last time I only ate chicken rice. This time round, I tried all sorts of local delights! (Editor’s note: She professed her love for ba ku teh during the show.) I’m also in a celebratory mood as my birthday month coincides with the tour. I’ve since received many blessings from both friends and fans,  making me feel like the happiest girl in the world!

Singaporean fans are said to be more reserved and restrained as compared to other fans from other countries. Do you concur? 

Definitely not! During both concerts, all the fans were on their feet to join me in song and dance!

Did you feel a difference between the first night of performance as compared to the second night?

I felt that I performed better on the first night. I was slightly more nervous today (the second night) because I knew Wee Meng Chee (Malaysian hip-hop artist) was in the audience. Therefore, I consciously put in more effort in my singing to overcome my nerves, which, I believed, the fans felt it as their response was as enthusiastic as ever!

You titled your world tour as Queen of Hearts. So when will you find your king? 

The queen is never looking for the king.(laughs) I am waiting for a king to find me.

If you had to choose one, will it be your music or your king? 

Of course, my king!

Will it be alright if your king did not allow you to continue with your music career? 

I believe if he really was my king, he would not ask me to give up singing. If he was the right one, he will support me nonetheless. Plus, he’ll be my source of inspiration for my music.

Out of all the Swarovski-encrusted outfits, which is your personal favourite? 

The outfit for the opening act was my favourite as it was very in line with my concert’s theme, Queen of Hearts. The marvelous Emma Wallace (performance apparel designer) used two different shades of red crystals to adorn the outfits. It looks mesmerising and very detailed.

What do you normally wear on the daily?

I’m usually in very casual and comfortable clothes. Very boyish. Even with in high heels, I would wear loose-fitting clothing.

So your stint in Singapore has finally ended! What are you going to do now? 

As I have a video shoot tomorrow, I’m going back to my hotel room to look through my lyrics once more, just in case I forget them!
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