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8 Animated Shows For Adults That Are Just So Relatable

They really speak to your grown-up inner child

Who here misses racing home from school to watch SpongeBob, Danny Phantom, Kim Possible, and Totally Spies?

*raises hand*

Call it nostalgia, but sometimes there’s nothing like cartoons to put a smile on our faces. Why keep looking back, though? You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy watching cartoons – in fact, these shows we’ve picked were created specifically for adults like us. No, we’re not going for the R-rated and crude thrills here. Using satire, dark humour, and yes, a couple of F-bombs thrown around, these animated shows take on complex topics such as politics, technology, depression, and death. Not so different from our sci-fi and crime dramas, but with cute or quirky animation art.

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Photo: Sanrio / Netflix

1. Aggretsuko

Everyone’s buzzing about this unique series that adds a modern edge to the sweet Sanrio animation style we’ve grown up with. Meet Aggretsuko (or “Aggressive Retsuko”), a 25-year-old red panda who transforms from adorable to raging heavy metal fan, to vent about the crowded public transport and her overly demanding boss. Hilarious and real, she’s totally our spirit animal.

Watch it on Netflix.

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