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12 Artists On Instagram You Should Follow For Daily Creative Inspiration

Their gorgeous artworks never fail to make us smile

We love using Instagram to catch up with our friends and family, not to mention those adorable pets. But scrolling through Instagram is too often a mindless thing we do just to pass time when we’re bored or feeling brain dead.

Let’s turn our feeds from distraction to creation. More and more artists are using the app to share their amazing art. Besides showing us what are the latest trends, their daily snapshots of their work never fail to inspire us. From typographers to murals to crochet, these 12 talented artists get us excited about the creative world.

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1. Lydia Boucher (@lydiaboucher)

When we look at Lydia Boucher’s handmade embroideries, it’s like we’re wrapped up in a warm blanket at home. The British artist keeps her designs sweet and simple, with themes ranging from nature to pop culture.

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