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Why You Should Totally Catch The Sound Of Music In Singapore

The beloved musical hits all the right notes, with a lot more heart than previous iterations

Photo: The Sound of Music / Weekender

The last time it played in Singapore in 2014, The Sound of Music charmed the socks off 70000 people. Three years later, the beloved musical makes its return to our sunny shores to lift spirits and fill hearts with soulful singing and stellar acting, while delivering a message that revolves around love, resilience and family.

Here’s why the latest production is truly incredible:

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Carmen Pretorius as Maria

One of South Africa’s most established young performers, Carmen Pretorius felt like a natural fit for the role of Maria from beginning to end. Her on-stage demeanour was impeccable, her energy infectious, and her vocals were warm and encouraging, which perfectly mirrors the loving character of Maria.

While revered actress Julie Andrews has set the benchmark for her role of the jovial nun and caretaker Maria, Preotrius managed to deliver her own unique portrayal of the character, showcasing the nun’s pure sincerity and almost child-like innocence. The only granted giveaway was the iconic pixie haircut that stayed consistent throughout the Sound of Music’s history.

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