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TheWeekendList: 8-10 December 2023

December is here! Get ready to indulge in all activities at Christmas, from food to shopping!

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1. Digital Experience at River Wonders and Night Safari

Embark on an enlightening journey from day to night across River Wonders and Night Safari from now to 17 March 2024. Observe animals in plain sight and within the cloak of darkness at Secret Wild-erland. This digital encounter is a collaboration with NAKED, INC., a Japan-based creative firm known for immersive digital artistry.

At River Wonders, pass through curtain-like water installations and immerse yourself in the enchanting Amazon Flooded Forest. Witness a projection showcase revealing the beauty of Amazonian wildlife and the remarkable adaptations of creatures like Amazon river dolphins and manatees. Engage in an ‘aquatic clean-up’ and grasp the significance of clean water in our ecosystem and the interconnectedness of nature. At Night Safari’s East Lodge, explore an interactive exhibit where you can attempt to spot indigenous wildlife like the Sunda pangolin, Common palm civet, and Malayan porcupine.

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