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TheWeekendList: 26-28 April 2024

Whether it’s something to eat or wear, there are plenty of fun things launching this weekend!

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1. New Duck Shop “Ducking Good 好吃鸭” in Geylang!

Calling all duck lovers! Geylang has a new haven for you: Ducking Good 好吃鸭 (Hǎo Chī Yā). This restaurant lives up to its name, offering a celebration of duck in all its delicious forms.

Forget just roast duck! Ducking Good boasts over ten different ways to indulge in this poultry. From classic roasts and braises to adventurous confit and herbal preparations, there’s something for every palate. Feeling indecisive? You can even order combination platters featuring two or three different styles on one plate.

Ducking Good isn’t just about the star ingredient. They offer a variety of side dishes to complement your duck feast. Think comforting bowls of claypot porridge or fragrant duck fat rice to soak up every flavorful morsel. Whether you’re a solo diner or a group looking for a unique culinary adventure, Ducking Good promises a delicious and satisfying duck experience.

Ducking Good 好吃鸭 is located at 487 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389446.

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