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The World’s Longest Sculpture – Love The Last March Is Landing In Gardens By The Bay

The world’s longest sculpture exhibition is happening in Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay from 19 May 2023!

The exhibition is 192m in length so make sure you are well prepared for the long walk.  Singaporeans will get the first glimpse at the longest sculpture in the world which will be unveiled on National Endangered Species Day,19 May 2023, Friday.

The first edition of a global exhibition, this sculpture is sharing the message of the wildlife extinction crisis that is gripping the globe. A total of 45 of the world’s most endangered species led by a great mountain gorilla, will be marching together at Gardens by the Bay Silver Garden from 19 May 2023 until 18 May 2024.

Internationally renowned artists, Gillie and Marc, are well known for their monumental public sculptures of wildlife such as The Last Three for the Northern white rhino and King Nyani for gorillas where they have been bringing awareness to wildlife through their art for decades.

Usually when we create a public sculpture for wildlife, we focus on one animal per project. But the rate of extinction is picking up at a terrifying rate. We wanted to show the scale of this issue, bringing awareness of the overarching problem as well as highlighting individual species,” they explained.

Love The Last March provides educational opportunities for all ages, from learning what an animal looks like to in-depth informational pages. What’s more, use your mobile phone, scan the QR code at the sculpture location and enjoy a truly wild AR experience. Watch the animals come alive and start marching.

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