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moomoo – The Best Online Investing Platform for Young and Beginner Investors

moomoo powered by Futu makes investing more fun, more rewarding and more straightforward.

In Singapore, competition amongst online stock brokerages is intense. With at least 15 different platforms jostling for the attention of retail investors, many novel and attractive incentives have been offered by various platforms. These range from rewarding new accounts with free trades, free access to in-depth information or even free shares.

Your Trusted Accredited Brokerage

One of the most promising platforms to launch in recent months is this innovative stock trading app, moomoo. Futu Holdings Limited (FUTU), which has been in operation since December 2007 and achieved a NASDAQ listing in March 2019.

The Singapore registered subsidiary, Futu Singapore Pte. Ltd. (FUTU SG) was launched in March 2021 and their parent company Futu Holdings Ltd (FUTU) has the backing of Tencent to bring a better way of investing across local, Hong Kong and US financial markets to retail investors through the moomoo app. FUTU SG‘s commitment to complete compliance has seen it acquire the securities with the Singapore Exchange (SGX), and registration with the Monetary Authority of Singapore with the Capital Markets Services (CMS) License. In all, FUTU  has under its belt 43 different regulatory licenses across key financial markets.

Easy to Use, Support When You Need It.

Based on Futu’s Q1 Financials posted on May 19th, 2021, moomoo app is one of the world’s fastest-growing investor communities. FUTU has boasting more than 14 million users. Going beyond trading activities and aggressive client acquisition strategies, maintaining and improving a superior user experience is one of Futu’s strong points. Both the desktop and mobile platforms are known to be easy to navigate and simple to understand. The mobile app is especially user friendly with an intuitive user interface and helpful search function. Otherwise, help is readily on hand through email, 24/7.

A Painless DIY Process

The signup process to open a Futu Singapore Securities account is especially simple and easy, taking just a few minutes and can be completed digitally without any paper forms or hand signatures. After which, a varied selection of products is available such as stocks, ETFs, Reits, margin trading and ADRs.

Futu SG’s pricing page can be found here: https://support.futusg.com/en-us/topic76


Superior Product Offering For All Levels

Equipping investors with timely information to make split-second trading decisions, there is a plethora of analytical tools available. Users routinely take advantage of AI-driven stock screeners, third-party reports and advanced, real-time stock trading charts, to trade across multiple markets facilitated by the convenience of the platform’s multi-currency capability.

In addition to the already lengthy list of advantages that moomoo powered by Futu has over its competitors, it also has amongst the lowest trading fee structure and no subscription fees. FUTU SG charges just 0.03% of the transaction amount for stocks on SGX and US$0.0049 per share for US stocks. Commission fees are levied at just US$0.99 for US stocks, HK$3 for HK stocks and S$0.99 for SG stocks, making it one of the cheapest around. Commission fees are waived during the promotion period. (other fees, please click here.

Having been around for scarcely a year but with outsized ambitions, it can be expected that Futu SG  expects to be in the industry for the long haul and in time, offer more products in addition to providing greater market access. This is truly one promising platform that investors can look forward to growing with as Futu Singapore makes investing more fun, more rewarding and more straightforward.

Attractive Rewards and Benefits

With a full set of credentials in hand, client acquisition is the next pressing priority. Short of rolling out the red carpet, potential investors are spoiled silly with the generous freebies and welcome packages aimed solely to attract as many new clients as possible. Not to be outdone, moomoo powered by Futu does not pull any stops and is considered to have one of the best new sign up packages in the market. For a promotional period stated to run until the 30th of June, everyone who registers a new trading account and deposits SGD 2,700 or USD 2,000 or HKD 16,000 within 30 days and unlocked the Level 1 Trading Badge or completed 5 successful trades will get enjoy the following bonuses:

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5. Referral Rewards – up to 20 Free Twitter (TWTR) Shares

– Referee will have to use the Referrer’s link to successfully open a Futu Singapore Securities account and complete a total deposit of SGD 2,700 or USD 2,000 or HKD 16,000 within 30 days from account opening so that the Referrer can get 1 Free TWTR share.
– The cap of maximum 20 successful referrals applies to all cumulative referrals that were made between period of 1st May 2021 – 30th June 2021. This also includes 30-day commission-free trading coupons to apply to future trades for every successful referral.

No need for referee to complete any trade to receive the 1 free TWTR share. The rewards are not exclusive to new clients at all as loyalty and referrals are duly compensated.

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