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The Best Father’s Day Alcohol Gift Ideas

If your dad loves whining down to a glass of whisky, sake, gin or simply any liquor, this article may just give you some best father’s day gift ideas.

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1. Lothaire Tourbe Whisky Single Malt de France, S$109.000

French whisky has been becoming increasingly popular. For Father’s Day 2021, gift your Father a bottle of Single Malt whisky from France.

Lothaire II (835 – August 8, 869) was the king of Lotharingia from 855 until his death. For political reasons, his father made him marry Teutberga in 855. Upon his father’s death in 855, he received the Middle Francia territory west of the Rhine stretching from the North Sea to the Jura mountains. It became known as Regnum Lotharii and early in the 10th century as Lotharingia or Lorraine. It is in the Lorraine region this exceptional French Whisky “Lothaire” is distilled.

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