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A Pikachu Neon Parade Is Taking Over Island Lights Sentosa!

Dance the pika-pika to all the art installations

Photos: Sentosa

It must be an unofficial Pikachu week. All in the same week, we’ve got the first trailer of the Detective Pikachu movie, the arrival of Pikachu and friends for a festive celebration, and now, Island Lights 2018 announces the invasion of the glowing Pikachu!

Previously known as Pop Up Night, Island Lights returns in a big, adorable way this year from 16 November to 31 December, 7pm to 11pm. It will host the first Pikachu Night Parade outside Japan, at Sentosa’s Palawan Beach. The cute furry creatures will be dressed up in funky LED lights and getting their groove on. You can dance along with them past Palawan Pirate Ship and Palawan Kidz City, from 7:30pm on 14-16, and 21-23 December.

The neon pika-pika parade is a great way to kickstart your exploration of the multi-sensory art installations at Island Lights. Lining the beautiful Palawan Beach landscape will be a total of 10 unique and super Insta-worthy installations, most of them created by talented local artists.

Just based on the artist’s impression photos, we’re already in love with the magnificent “Unicorn.jpg” by multi-disciplinary artist and designer Jude.

Another installation that would look great in photos with your loved ones is “Harmony,” by Tina Fung, an award-winning Singapore-based artist. Set on the serene beach, this installation explores how the man-made physical creation interacts with the natural sounds of the sea:

It’s another soothing experience underneath the “Guiding Rain” by SUTD engineering student Chan Wen Lun:

Speaking of a relaxing experience, there’s even an ASMR installation! Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response has grown into a huge trend on the Internet, but have you experienced it in real life? “ASMR Wonderland,” by multi-disciplinary artist Yang, is a maze of sorts that stimulates your senses in a fun and pleasurable way.

Singapore’s Sticker Lady (Sam Lo) also contributes a very cool installation – the street artist’s “Betelgeuse Supernova” is made of three ‘impossible shapes’ with logic-defying designs that gives you a different exciting perspective of how the structure works from different angles.

As the name suggests, the fun at Island Lights doesn’t end at nightfall. The iconic Palawan Pirate Ship, decked out in neon lights too, will stay open later until 10:30pm every Thursday to Sunday for more fun. Kick back on the beach while a live band entertains you, and fuel up with the yummy selection of light bites.

For more information, visit the official website.