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5 Things To Do When You Visit Indonesia’s Belitung Island

Experience the sights and culture of Belitung Island

Looking for a short getaway that is not Bali, Bintan nor Lombok? Well, the next time you find yourself planning for a trip, why not pay Belitung Island a visit? Alright— So the next question many of us would ask: “Where in the world is Belitung Island?

Belitung Island is an Indonesian island located in the east of Sumatra, recognized for its crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches with unique granite formations, nicknamed as the “Maldives of Indonesia” by the locals. It is a great place for all kinds of water sports. It is definitely a less commercialized beach destination as compared to Bali, but is also the perfect getaway spot to relax your mind and soul.

We’ve rounded up 5 things you definitely should see and do the next time you visit this little island!

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Credit: Museum Andrea Hirata

1. Museum Kata Andrea Hirata

“Bermimpilah karena Tuhan akan memeluk mimpi-mimpimu (Dream, for God will embrace your dreams)” – Andrea Hirata

Founded in early 2010,  Museum Kata Andrea Hirata is Indonesia’s first literary museum. Inspired by Belitung-native Andrea Hirata’s best-selling novel “Laskar Pelangi (The Rainbow Troops)”, this museum was set up to commemorate the author’s legacy, and his passion for literacy and “boldness to chase your dreams “for all the young people in Indonesia.

The museum can be easily recognized from its colourful exterior, and opens up to a large courtyard, with different vibrantly-coloured sections dedicated to various genres of literature, music and the visual arts. It is definitely a place of heart-warming inspiration, and worth travelling all the way to for!

Lenggang, Gantung, East Belitung Regency, Bangka Belitung Islands 33516, Indonesia

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