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We Rank The Top 7 Attractions At Jewel Changi Airport’s Canopy Park

So you can decide which tickets or bundle packages to get when the indoor park opens on 10 June

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Just when you thought you have finally explored all you want at Jewel Changi Airport, a fascinating new part of the lifestyle hub is about to draw you back there again. The much-awaited Canopy Park finally opens to the public on 10 June. Located on the topmost level (Level 5) of Jewel and spanning 14,000 sqm, the Canopy Park is made up of several play attractions and creative gardens. Its design keeps in line with the lush indoor garden theme that also incorporates the existing Rain Vortex and Forest Valley attractions. From the thrills of bouncing on high suspended nets to a peaceful walk among nature, the Canopy Park offers a variety of activities for you to unwind with your family and friends, especially after a long day of eating and shopping.

Unfortunately, all the attractions at Canopy Park are ticketed, but that also means better crowd control for a more enjoyable experience. The basic admission into Canopy Park is $4.50 (for Singapore residents), which grants you access to the Topiary Walk, Discovery Slides, Foggy Bowls and Petal Gardens. Add-ons are required to enjoy the other attractions. Bundle packages (starting from $38 for adults and $27 for children and seniors) are also available. Online ticket sales on the Jewel official website will begin on 6 June, 10am. Scroll down to see the full ticket pricing charts.

We have previewed all the park's attractions, and to help you plan your budget and time, we have put together our personal ranking of the seven best attractions to visit.

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7. Mirror Maze

We had high anticipations before stepping into the Mirror Maze, thinking we would get a trippy experience à la a House of Mirrors and plenty of visually cool shots for the ‘gram. While we enjoyed the psychedelic neon flooring lights and the open overhead design where sunlight streams in from the top, the decor was generally quite bare, and we didn’t really get an infinite reflections effect. The labyrinth of seemingly endless mirrors still provides some cool photos, and it does create a game for visitors to find their way out together with friends and family.

From 10 June to 9 July, the Mirror Maze will open from 9am to 3am. After 9 July, the operating hours are reduced to 10am to 10pm.

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