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Chuan Hung: Authentic Hand-made Sichuan Noodles with A Spicy Kick

Taste the flavours of Sichuan with Chuan Hung’s traditional noodles and broths.

Photo: Chuan Hung

The Chinese province of Sichuan is probably most well-known for bringing us the glorious spice-fest that is ma la – but did you know that Sichuan offers a bevy of other delights as well? Chuan Hung, a new noodle house located in Telok Ayer, aims to showcase one such ingredient: Mian Yang noodles, thin strands of slippery goodness made from rice that were sourced from a specific village in Sichuan after a year of research and dozens of personal visits from the Chuan Hung team to the Sichuan noodle shop. Here at Chuan Hung, noodles are taken seriously: the chefs are all Sichuanese, and train for a year before being allowed to serve up the dishes you’ll be having!

Photo: Chuan Hung

The noodles here are served the traditional way, with different Sichuan broth bases, and one dry-tossed style for those who prefer their soup separate. Take your pick from the clear or red soups – the latter being the spicier of the two – or the unique mix of both red and clear broths. Those who enjoy ma la would definitely love the red broth: made with Sichuan peppers, pickled and dried chillies, this is a fiery option for the brave! The clear broth, while seemingly straightforward, is wonderfully warming and rich thanks to being boiled with pork bones and fat. Feeling courageous? Go for the Vine Pepper broth, made with chicken bones, Sichuan vine peppers and chilli padi for a truly mouth-numbing treat.

We recommend the Signature Braised Beef ($13.50) with your choice of broth base and noodles – hearty, tender and slurp-worthy; we found ourselves drinking up the soup to the very last drop despite our slightly spice-swollen lips!

Other equally delectable options if you aren’t a beef person are the Australian Ox Tongue ($14.50), King Prawns ($15.50) or Chicken Innards ($12.50).

Photo: Chuan Hung

Don’t forget to order a small plate (or two) while you’re here! Appetisers of sorts, Chuan Hung offers a variety of snacks such as Braised Gizzard ($5.50) and Braised Eggplant ($4.50) – we could hardly decide! Our favourite was the Fried Crispy Pig Intestines ($5.50), where the offal is deep-fried til crisp on the outside, delightfully QQ on the inside. With the intestines being braised for 4 hours before being deep fried, you’ll find a delicious fragrance lingering on your tongue thanks to the use of star anise, cinnamon, nutmeg, Sichuan peppers and peppercorns. Really, don’t miss out on these – they are so addictive we considered having another plate or two all to ourselves!

Photo: Chuan Hung

If you’re thirsty after all that spice, try the refreshing house-made beverages! Grains Dream ($5) is a fragrant twist on the barley drink, consisting of barley, watermelon, chia seeds, dates and pandan; while Tea Garden ($5) consists of green tea, grapefruit, apple and white fungus.

Photo: Chuan Hung

Desserts are also wonderful for a cool-down! Try the Liao Zao ($3.50): adorable tang yuan in a cup of sweet fermented rice liquid, the pudding-like Liang Gao ($3.50), a glutinous rice curd served with black sugar syrup.

Chuan Hung
51 Telok Ayer St #01-01
Mon – Fri 10am – 3pm; 5pm – 9pm
Sat & Sun 10am – 9pm