10 Jewel Changi Airport Retail & Lifestyle Shops You Should Visit

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Jewel Changi Airport has not officially opened its doors yet – that date is 17 April – but already, hordes of people are swarming to the highly-anticipated lifestyle hub since yesterday, for the public previews. If you are one of those who have visited Jewel, we think you’d agree with us that the hype is worth it – that 40-metre high Rain Vortex is simply spectacular! And all the shopping and dining available! Where do we start? Especially with the crowds, it can get a bit overwhelming trying to navigate the huge space. We’ve put together 10 of our favourite fashion and lifestyle places that should go on the top of your shopping list at Jewel. From international debuts to flagship stores, these places make Jewel such a special shopping destination.

(Stay tuned for our list of top food and beverage outlets at Jewel Changi Airport!)


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1. Nike (#02-232/233)

Sportswear and athleisure fans, listen up! Nike just opened their largest store in Southeast Asia and India at Jewel! Spanning more than 1,000 square metres, across two floors, the store will stock a very extensive range of Nike footwear, apparel and merchandise. On top of that, you can even make your favourite Nike shirt uniquely yours at the first-ever “Nike By You” customisation service in the region.

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