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TheWeekendList: 31 March – 2 April 2023

Spring is here! Time to check out various Japanese restaurants for their seasonal menu.

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1. Uni Gallery Spring Menu by Chef Chua & Chef Jayden

Uni Gallery has recently welcomed a new chef, Jayden, who has over a decade of experience in Japanese grilling. With his passion for culinary excellence, Chef Jayden has created a new selection of binchotan dishes featuring some of the freshest and most sought-after wild catches of the spring season.

Embark on an enchanting culinary journey with Uni Gallery’s Sazae Tsubuyaki – a Japanese Sea Snail dish that pays homage to traditional culinary techniques by grilling the savoury delicacy in its own shell. Equally impressive is the Tairagai Batayaki (Japanese Pen Shell), which showcases the most sought-after shellfish of the season, expertly grilled to perfection in its own shell. With Chef Jayden and Chef Chua leading the kitchen, Uni Gallery’s expanded menu-featuring Uni, Sashimi and Binchotan dishes, promises an unparalleled Japanese dining experience for the restaurant’s beloved guests.

Uni Gallery is located at 7500A Beach Rd, B1-310 The Plaza, Singapore 199591.

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